Malaysia Tukar Tiub: Apa lagi pengundi Melayu mahu?

Kuala Lumpur: Pada 9hb Mei 2018, rakyat Malaysia berduyun2 pergi ke pusat2 pengundian seluruh negara untuk tukar tiub kepada kerajaan yang baharu. Setelah selesa berada di bawah pemerintahan Barisan Nasional (BN) selama lebih 60 tahun, sudah tibanya masa untuk berubah tiub. 'Tiub' sediada terlalu bongkak, korup, menjerut leher setiap pengkritik dan lebih penting lagi, dilihat … Continue reading Malaysia Tukar Tiub: Apa lagi pengundi Melayu mahu?

The Cadbury-Babi Fiasco.

'BABI' means 'pig' in Bahasa Melayu. Muslims are forbidden from consuming pigs, unless under extreme circumstances, due to the following reasons: 1. There is no other animal filthier than a pig. A pig does not control its appetite, it consumes everything and anything in its way. Be it food or sexual activities. Similarly, unlike other … Continue reading The Cadbury-Babi Fiasco.

2013 in Perspective

2013 must have been the most sensitive year for Malaysians, whereby the words and fight for 'change', 'different' and 'dissent' were tabooed. I, too, had to take a compulsory leave of absence from DM blog, so as to evade from being blacklisted by the BN-government's eager-to-please cyber-troopers. How bad could it be, you may be … Continue reading 2013 in Perspective

Pentadbiran Sampah

Ini gambar selongok sampah. Tapi ia bukan sebarang sampah. Ia sebuah tugu sampah yang boleh mengakibatkan huru-hara, kematian serta kesengsaraan banyak keluarga di Malaysia. Kisah tugu sampah ini bermula daripada seorang arkitek Melayu yang berpengaruh (dalam politik, malah ketua cawangan politik tempatan) yang bersubahat dengan pemaju perumahan bukan-Islam untuk membina sebuah Taman Perumahan di Tanah … Continue reading Pentadbiran Sampah

Hey Listen, Its Ketuanan LELAKI Melayu, Stupid!

Written by: Mariam Mokhtar Most Malaysians believe that Umno Baru and Perkasa champion Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy); but actually Ketuanan Melayu should be renamed Ketuanan Lelaki Melayu (Malay male supremacy or KLM). Over the years, the Muslim girl, or particularly the Malay girl, is an easy target for the holier-than-thou types. In Malaysia, there is … Continue reading Hey Listen, Its Ketuanan LELAKI Melayu, Stupid!

Allah: Why the Sikhs could use Muslims’ God’s name without repercussions.

‘Allah’: Uthaya’s misconceived arguments July 25, 2013 FMT LETTER: From Aidil Khalid, via e-mail I refer to Uthaya Sankar SB’s article, ‘Allah dalam Teks Hindu dan Sikh’. I find the thrust of the author’s arguments that the word ‘Allah’ had been used in the Hindu and Sikh scriptures, while partially true, had been shed under … Continue reading Allah: Why the Sikhs could use Muslims’ God’s name without repercussions.

Does AirAsia’s Business Model REALLY work?

Reuters News Agency reported that Air Asia my terminate its Japan venture due to its inability to "manage costs" and a slightly lower average load factor (see the report's text below). The million-dollar mind-boggling question which investors have been asking is, does the AirAsia business model REALLY works or have the company been living off … Continue reading Does AirAsia’s Business Model REALLY work?

KYK: Why Not 4-in-1 Rally?

By Kuo Yong Kooi The opposition wows to continue with more Blackout 505 rallies that focuses on making three key demands. They are; the top heads of the EC to resign from their posts; fresh elections to be conducted in 30 parliamentary seats; and to postpone any amendments to election laws and constituency re-delineation exercises. … Continue reading KYK: Why Not 4-in-1 Rally?

Mansur Puteh: Vernacular Schools in Malaysia

By Mansor Puteh There are many who are often confused when they say 80,000 Melayu are enrolled in SJKCs. Earlier it was said to be 60,000 Bumiputera students. But the truth is that the so-called Bumiputeras are mostly those who are the so-called 'Sino-Bumiputeras' of Sabah and Sarawak. There is no such a thing called … Continue reading Mansur Puteh: Vernacular Schools in Malaysia