Dakwat Merah or Red Ink is a blog dedicated to discuss and analyze Malaysian’s politics. It provides links to popular Malaysian political blogs and occasionally, review political books.

After achieving independence from Britain in 1957, or rather, after obtaining independence from Britain on a silver platter in 1957, Malaysia is now at a crossroad. Barisan Nasional, a race-based party sanctioned by the colonial British government, is beginning to show signs of malaise. Its foundation begins to shake with multitude cases of reported coruption, mismanagement of public funds, the deployment of incompetent ministers and blatant abuse of power.

Public dissent is not acceptable, let alone allowed, in Malaysia. In light to that, many ‘political horror stories’ never seen the light of the day in Malaysia’s highly-regulated media. Thus, more and more indendent bloggers, many of whom are professionals or former high ranking officials, joined the bandwagon to alert the masses of these ‘impending dooms’, by blogging.

In Malaysia, independent bloggers are high risk takers. They are risking their lives and livelihood by bringing the truth to the people. Compared to the many recruited pro-government bloggers, a number of whom are either on a payroll or semi-supported with freebies, such as conventions, laptops and/or training; Malaysian independent bloggers not only have to devote their free time searching for the truth without financial gain, they also risk being caught, fined, thrown in jail, charged under ISA (detention-without-trial) and publicly humilated with (as in the case of RPK), trump-up charges.

Dakwat Merah blog is dedicated to these courageous risk takers. We salute you.

– DM


DM was a senior member of a public listed conglomerate. She graduated with several post-graduate degrees in the United States of America, in early 1980s. As long as Malaysia’s draconian ‘guilty-until-proven-innocent’ internet law is not repealed, she prefers to retain her anonymity.


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