The Adam Adli Case: The Witch-hunt Begins.


Student activist Adam Adli, who was arrested yesterday, is also being probed under Section 124 (B) of the Penal Code in addition to being investigated under the Section 4 of the Sedition Act.

His lawyer Eric Paulsen said that the police had told a magistrate this morning that Adam is also being investigated for participating in an act “detrimental to parliamentary democracy”, which is now a crime based on a newly amended provision under the Penal Code which came into effect late last year.

Paulsen said that this provision under the Penal Code was “too general”.

Adam is investigated for the remarks he made during a public forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) on May 13, where he, alongside several other activists, urged the people to stage a massive street protest against electoral fraud.

Investigations are also based on a report by Free Malaysia Today, quoting rally organisers telling the forum that they will use the rally to “topple the government”.

This means Adam could face up to 20 years in jail if he is found guilty under the Penal Code.

After a day, no statements taken

Magistrate Muzlina Mohamad had ordered for Adam to be remanded for five days due to the nature of the alleged offence, Paulsen told Malaysiakini.

The 24-year-old Adam, best known for being suspended for three semesters by University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) for lowering a flag bearing Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s image in front of the Umno headquarters two years ago, was arrested in Bangsar Utama at 3pm yesterday.

At the time of writing, the police have yet to record his statement, which according to Paulsen, suggests that the arrest was an act of punishment.

“It has been more than 24 hours, and he has yet to have his statement taken,” Paulsen said, saying that Adam is still in a lock-up at the Jinjang police station.

Paulsen, who is representing Adam along with Latheefa Koya, said that they are unhappy with the remand period and will file a revision tomorrow.

He also said that Adam’s arrest and subsequent investigation signals lack of tolerance for dissent by the Najib administration.

[Source: MalaysiaKini. Original article: Cop Widens Probe on Adam Adli]


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