Najib: Malaysian Parliament is now dissolved.


PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Mohamed Najib Tun Razak had, only moments ago, announced the dissolution of Parliament, to pave way for the much awaited 13th general election.

In a brief media statement, Najib said that after a two-day retreat in Mecca, he received Devine ‘green light’ to hold an election as soon as possible.

I hereby announce the dissolution of Parliament to facilitate the holding of the 13th general election. The ball is now turn over to the Election Commission to decide on the exact polling date,” said the prime minister.

The sudden announcement came as an absolute shock to everyone, since election pundits had thought that Najib could not find the right nerve to dissolve Parliament.

He may not want to be blamed for losing the upcoming general election. Therefore, he would allow Parliament to dissolve automatically by itself,” explained a money lender close to the ruling party, who refused to be named.

Of late, the prime minister had come under intense criticism for placing the entire nation on an election mode for more than four years, ever since he inherited the office of Prime Ministership from Tun Abdullah Badawi, back in March 2008. This upcoming 13th General Election would be Mr Najib’s first election, seeking the necessary mandate as Malaysia’s Sixth Prime Minister.

He is administering the country on another person’s mandate. He signed many international agreements, particularly with Singapore, without the people’s consent. He is possibly the worst Malaysian Prime Minister, ever!” explained a member of the opposition party.

Thank goodness! We thought Najib has lost his balls,” commented the Chairman of Malaysian Homemakers Association.

Meanwhile, an online news portal reported that both the Election Commission (EC) and opposition party were caught by surprise.

According to the report…

“EC chairman Abdul Aziz Yusof was stunned to learn of the dissolution.

This comes as a total surprise. There goes my vacation plans,” he said, adding that the commission would hold a press conference soon to announce the dates for nomination and polling.

Mr Aziz said the EC now have a 60-day window period to hold the elections.

Opposition leaders also expressed surprise, with Anwar Ibrahim claiming that Najib had deliberately misled Pakatan Rakyat into thinking that the dissolution would take place later this month.”

But then again, when asked to comment on the ‘unprecedented turn of events’, the portal’s news editor-in-chief painfully admitted: “Sorry folks! This is an April Fool’s prank. We just could not resist.

And neither could I. Hahaha. Gotcha!

– DM


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