A packet of sugar? Is that how much my vote is worth?

I can feel the beat. The beatings of election war drums. Unlike previous elections, this time the beatings are louder. Fiercer.

Only two weeks ago, opposition party members appeared at my doorstep, in search of phantom voters. Needless to say, they didn’t find any.

A few minutes ago, members of the ruling government party members made a door-to-door visit in my neighbourhood. They brought goodies, in the form of…a RM2.50 worth packet of sugar with 1Malaysia logo, placed inside a RM2 tote bag. Needless to say, the dark blue tote is also pasted with a huge Barisan Nasional dacing logo. 

Soon after, they requested permission to stick a Barisan Nasional (BN) sticker on my front gate. 

“To prove that we’ve done our rounds in this neighbourhood,” they insisted.

Noooooo!” I gave them a resounding NO. “I am a non-partisan, and I have had enough of BN logos. BN logos and flags are pasted in every corner of town. I have had enough! Instead, what I would like to see is a proper presidential debate, or at least, a debate between local candidates. I would like to know whom I’d be voting for! The last time I voted for a BN MP, he didn’t even know how to speak in Bahasa Melayu.”

Moments later, I received a call from a neighbour who serves as a BN party division committee member, asking me to list down the goodies which I had just received.

One packet of granular sugar.”

What?? Is that all? I knew it! They are supposed to distribute flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, and several others. They might have absconded the rest. That’s typical of them!!”

I was simply dumbfounded. First, I have never, ever received any sundries from the ruling party before.  Second, the ‘purported shipment’ had been partially hijacked? Third, is this even legal? Isn’t this a form of vote-buying? Hello, EC…are you awake?

No, I don’t need a RM2.50 worth pack of sugar to vote in anyone’s favor. Is that how much they think I am worth? A packet of granular sugar? Or that the public is bribeable with a RM 4.50 worth of goodies? This is sooooooo, very insulting! Arghhh!!! 

Somehow, the opposition is looking better, by the day. At least from where I am standing.


– DM


One thought on “A packet of sugar? Is that how much my vote is worth?

  1. Well, I suppose they run out of money since they spend so much on that ‘i-save-money-since-i-was-small-diamond-ring’ and ‘second hand-non-sink-submarine’

    only in MALAYSIA!

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