Sabah Invasion: You are wrong, you know.

It was half-past-two in the morning. I was sound asleep. I was awaken only due to an ever-escalating sound of…my iDevice. The moment I picked it up, the person on the other line asked, “why are you still wide awake at this hour of the morning?”

Duh? I was about to release an unprecedented long list of four letter words, when he beats me to it.

“I think your stand on not stopping the Annual Cession money is wrong, you know!” He out did me with a 15 word sentence. “I finally have something to disagree with you, hah!” He proclaimed, obviously jubilant.


“You wanna know why I believe you’re wrong? I’ll tell you why…because these Kirams are pure lunatics. They are playing with the peoples’ sentiment. Those poor Filipinos. 

They claimed themselves as jihadists, yet they mutilated fellow Muslims. They claimed themselves devout Muslims, yet they engaged in black magic and sihir. They claimed Sabah belong to them, why, the original aborigines of Sabah were the inland Muruts, Dusuns and Dayaks. He claimed that he is the poorest Sultan in the world, hell, he is not even a Sultan. 

First, majority Filipinos do not even know that the Kirams are only claiming a small portion of Sabah. They thought the Kirams own the entire Sabah.

Second, if we do not end this dispute, in our generation; the Kirams would pursue in the next. And during that time, they may even extend their demand on Sarawak, as well. The Sulus are people without conscience, honor or dignity. They are born pirates.

Third, this the best time, as good as any, to stop the payments. Everytime an enemy attacks, he must be severely penalized. We should stop the payments immediately. To hell with helping Jamalul’s medical treatments. He knows not how to balas budi.

Fourth, the Sultanate of Sulu has long been dead. High time for us to recognize that. Both the Philippines and North Borneo were colonized and lost their sovereign rights, a long time ago. The Sultan of Sulu have no claim on any part of Sabah; just as the Sultan of Mindanao no longer have any claim on Mindanao; or the Sultan of Brunei on Sarawak. The AG needs to obtain a court order from Sabah’s High Court to that effect.

Fifth, Malaysians must embark on a nationwide boycott on all Philippines products. We should immediately stop frequenting San Miguel’s PETRON gas stations and Remington Shopping Malls everywhere. We should send them a strong message: hostile, war-mongering neighbours are not welcome in Malaysia.

Next, the Filipino maids. We should send them all packing, together with all the illegals who are already in Malaysian soil. Sabah, particularly.

Sixth, we should take down all the stilt houses all along Sabah coastalway, just like Tun Mahathir had suggested. Did you know that these stilt-houses are exact duplicates to their colonies in Jolo? No wonder they felt at ease attacking our Forces in those areas.

Yes, in an unconventional war, we must use stealth strategy. Better still, we need lots of sniper-induced attacks.”

He seems to be very pleased with himself. No point arguing with him tonight….erm…morning.

You’ve got several pretty cool points there. Alright, I fully agree with you. Malaysia should stop paying the Annual Cession Money, once and for all. Now, can I go back to sleep?”

Click. The line, terminated.

– DM (who, thereafter, was kept awake all night long.)


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