Could Anwar be the Brain Behind the Sabah Invasion?

There was a loud bang on my door. My colleague apparently was overly eager to share the latest news on the Sabah conflict, with me.

“Your favourite blogger, RPK, had just posted an article implicating Anwar as the brain behind the Sulu Invasion. So, what do you think? Could he be right?”

I couldn’t believe it. It took me a while before I could offer a response.

“Didn’t RPK recently alleged that Bala (recently deceased) accepted RM 700,000 from Anwar to write the first SD? And RPK was proven wrong? Not only Bala vehemently denied the allegation, but several credible witnesses came out in the open, in support of his denial?”

“Yes, but what does it have anything to do with this Anwar-Sabah alliance?”

“Lets assume that RPK had recently befriended a pro-government SB (Special Branch agent), and he had since been fed with malicious information to further tarnish Anwar’s credibility,” I suggested.


First of all, the evidence which RPK had offered were purely circumstantial. Two purported meetings with Misuari, the MNLF-rebel head? One of which was in Jakarta, while attending a Strategic Review Forum in July 2012? If you read the keynote address properly, the objective of the forum was to avoid regional conflict.

And do take note that amongst the regional leaders invited include former Timor-Leste President and former Thailand Prime Minister. But instead of inviting Mr Mahathir, Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, Indonesia chose to invite Malaysia’s opposition leader. That must have been an embarrasing blow to Malaysia’s ruling BN government.

Total autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak? That’s yet another bullshit. If Anwar had planned to give total autonomy to both states, PKR (opposition party headed by Mr Anwar) wouldn’t vehemently disagree to put majority-Sabahan or majority-Sarawakian candidates for the upcoming election, as demanded by local opposition partners. Unconciously, PKR had proven that it, in fact, was willing to lose a partner, rather than lose a state.

If at all, the ruling party must be careful to play ‘this’ right. It is currently treading on a very thin line. By putting the blame on Anwar, it will automatically prove that it has more to gain than to loose, the rakyats will conclude that it is the BN government who’s the real mastermind behind the Sabah invasion.

As it is, there are sooooo many unanswered questions.

1) Why did the BN-government took 23-days before it acted on the heavily armed Sulu invaders? Yet, was very quick to decapitate local, armless BERSIH (People for Clean Election) demonstrators?

2) How in the world did Agbimuddin, a Philippines citizen, got to be appointed as Kudat’s Assistant District officer? A civil service post, reserved only for Malaysian citizens?

3) Why was the RCI on Sabah illegal immigrants conveniently postphoned until after the 13th general election. By then, whatever findings could easily be swept under the carpet (assuming the ruling government retake power). When by right, the illegal electoral roll involving some 200,000 illegal immigrants, should first be cleaned prior to an election.

4) Why are the captured Sulu invaders’ face hidden from public view? That unlike common criminals, their faces are always covered during transport to-and-fro Court? The only other criminals accorded with similar privilege were Mongolian (Scorpene Submarine agent) Altantuya’s murderers.

5) Why at least two invaders, already identified as deceased by the Kirams, charged in Sabah court? 

6) How could one of the Sulu Sultan-aspirants be an UMNO party committee member? (see photo below)

7) Why was one member of the captured invaders, obligingly (or perhaps, desperately) cried out in court, “Yes, I did it, and I was paid by someone to do it.” 

The last time a member of the public cried out in court, in similar manner, after spending many days under interogation, was Mr Anwar’s speech writer. (The speech writer had since migrated to the UK and by his own admission stated that he was forced to implicate Mr Anwar.)


The manners at which the ruling government had conducted itself, so as to remain in power, are just appalling. Simply derogatory and uncivillized.

Pro-government supporters (read: UMNO party members) had congruently pelted an opposition office with eggs? Left coffins on the opposition’s doorsteps? Dragged and humilated student activists for distributing fliers exposing the ruling government’s misdeeds, in public? Pelted and blocked opposition’s cars with stones and eggs, to deny them from entering public forums? Splashed red paint and stones on the opposition’s official bus? Paid young, high-school leavers to make unruly disturbances within the confinement of opposition’s functions, so as to deny the oppositions from being heard?

And all these being done with the knowledge and presumeably blessings of BN local leaders, and at the same time, under the watchful eyes of the Malaysian police. As we have personally witnessed in the Merlimau-attack, although several BN MPs and State Legislators were present, neither did they apprehend nor discouraged the hooligans. Despite the former’s blatant, outright public denials.

Then, what of the sodomy cases? What about those witnesses being tortured until they were ever willing to turn against Mr Anwar, only to admit years later that those confessions were made under duress? 

No, I do not, for one moment believe that Mr Anwar has anything to do do with the Sabah invasion.

Sabah is in a sorry state. Increasing the oil royalty from 5% to 20% would mean better roads and public amenities for the people of Sabah. Provided ofcourse, if we can rid of all those corrupt leaders at its helm.

And no, RPK is not my favourite blogger. At least not any more.

– DM


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