Slain Sulu terrorists to be buried in Malaysian soil?

As the three day deadline given by Sabah police commissioner, Datuk Hamza Taib has lapsed, the bodies of self-proclaimed Sultan Jamalul Kiram III’s followers, who were slain in clashes with Malaysian security forces, may be buried in Malaysia.

But Malaysians aren’t all too happy about that. “The terrorists shouldn’t be burried in Malaysian soil, not after what they have done to our security forces,” said an apparently upset family member.

Their bodies should’t be accorded with proper Muslim burial rites (i.e, bathed, prayed, etc). They were savage monsters. Malaysian soil would be too good for these savages. Their bodies should, instead, be thrown into the sea,” insisted another.

To date, 62 suspected Kiram followers have been killed, with 104 detained under the Security Offenses (Special Measures) Act 2012. However, Malaysian authorities had only completed post-mortem examinations on 22 slain Kiram followers.

The Philippines Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Raul Hernandez reportedly replied a news agency in a text message: “We are coordinating with the Malaysians on the possible repatriation of remains of Filipinos killed in Sabah.”

Nonetheless, thus far, no one had claimed responsibility for any of the bodies.

Should the bodies be buried in Sabah, over the long term, these graves would be jeered at and possibly vandalized later, by those whose lives have been directly affected with the Sabah conflict,” said an analyst.

We should build a permanent monument for these terrorists,” suggested another, “and name it, ‘Jabatul Sulu’. Every living Malaysian should be reminded of the Sulu aggravation, and should be allowed to throw stones at the monument, just as we throw stones at the devils of Kubra, Wusta and Sughra (refering to the devil-stones in Mina, Mecca).”

– DM



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