The Semporna Ambush: A Survivor’s Story.


At least two thousand Filipinos reportedly fled Sabah ever since the February 9th 2013 Sulu terrorists’ invasion. Most were illegal immigrants, while others with Malaysian Permanent Residence or Malaysian citizenship.

Upon reaching Philippines shores, these self-initiated evacuees claimed that the Malaysian General Operations Security Force (GOF) were no longer in pursuit of only Kiram’s followers. The GOF were reportedly in hot pursuit for Kiram’s family supporters and sympathizers.

“Those without papers (illegals) were detained, whereas those who had papers saw their papers torn in an instant.” Those were the common complaints picked up from the Filipino evacuees. The Malaysian authorities had since denied such endeavour ever took place.

“We were in the mist of a mopping-up operation. Our Force had to do a thorough house-to-house check, to ensure that these terrorists were not hiding in these (Sulu origin) houses,” explained the authorities.

In actual fact, since 1974, too many Sulus migrated to Sabah, many of whom married locals and hence, obtained Malaysian citizenships. However, most of their kin still remain in Sulu islands. The terrorists who landed in Lahad Datu have relatives living in Sabah, from whom they seek shelter, food and protection. The Semporna Ambushwas one such case, leaving at least six Malaysian Security Force dead, most of whom were severely mutilated.

One GOF survivor recently shared his troop’s ordeal (during the ambush) as follows:



“I was shot at, but I was lucky because the bullet barely brazed me. Instead, it (the bullet) hit directly at Superintendent Ibrahim.

Suddenly, the Sulu terrorists came storming out, with parangs (machete) and repeatedly striked me. I tried to defend myself using my bare hands and arms. As a result, my fingers and both my hands were totally severed.

The only member of the Security Force who survived from mutilations was Superintendent Ibrahim. The rest died and left in such a horrific state.

The terrorists (who attacked us) appeared as if they have lost their minds. They came out and cut off the heads of our already-fallen force, and thrust their parangs onto the already-dead corpses. The terrorists, then, cut off the corpses’ hands and legs. Their eyes digged out. They wanted to ensure that the dead are really dead. The terrorists showed neither mercy, nor compassion. Only extreme cruelty.

I was lucky to have been able to find shelter at a kampung house, nearby. On the way, I saw Tuan Ibrahim’s corpse being dragged out from the scene by the remaining Security Force who survived the ambush.

I had to endure pain for 20 long hours before reinforcement came. As my blood was almost dried, I could see clearly how the ants climbed up and surrounded my wounds.

Allah is great. All of a sudden, rain came down. I managed to survive by drinking rain water.”

Tears dripped down his chin. He can’t forget the ambush. He certainly can’t forget the Sulu atrocities.


– DM: This is based on a true story. The officer who wished to remain anonymous, had since been operated on. Both his hands (and presumably fingers as well) have been stitched back together. However, to date, he has yet been able to move either hands.

[Source: FB Uztaz Azhar]

The Malaysian Minister of Defence appeared to be extremely upset with the massive mutilations, and had since called for an all-out attack to find every and each one of the terrorists, family members and sympathizers.

In addition, plans reportedly have been made to deport all illegal Filipinos back to where they came from. If so, this could well be one the largest Filipino deportations in the history of modern Malaya, since the last 30,000 deportations exercise conducted in 2002.


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