The tale of a thousand monkeys.

Once upon a time, there was ship, with a full load of precious cargo, set sailed across the ocean. The ship was carrying a couple hundred monkeys, originally intended to be sold on a distant land.

Midway to its intended destination, the ship was overpowered by huge waves, leaving scattered pieces of shipwrecks, with its cargo completely washed ashore. The monkeys were all stranded on a remote, inhabited island across the Atlantic ocean.

There weren’t much food available in the island, except breadfruit trees, lined up on its white sandy beach. The eldest member of the monkey clan assumed authority and tasted a breadfruit. Bitter, but that’s the only food they had available. The rest of the monkeys followed suit and they have been surviving with breadfruits, ever since

Years passed by, and the clan’s population grew to a thousand. Yet, their eating rituals remained the same. None of the monkeys were adventurous enough to find alternative source of food. Year after year, they’ve been feasting with the same bitter breadfruits.

One day, a young monkey saw something floating in the water. It was green in color and was moving towards the beach. It was a coconut.

The coconut looked strange. Unlike breadfruits, the coconut skin was hard and difficult to prick open. The young monkey tried to sink his teeth into it, but an elder monkey advised against it.

“It is such a strange thing. It may be poisonous. We have been surviving with the breadfruits all these years to survive, hence there is absolutely no reason to try something new.”

For days, the young monkey stared at the coconut. His curiousity got the better of him when more coconuts were washed ashore. He was so eager to investigate, even after being rediculed by others and by his elders.

Fnally, against all odds, the young monkey could no longer contain his quest for answer. Quietly, the young, curious monkey plucked open the coconut with his sharp teeth and tasted its white, creamy content.

Yummy! The coconut taste 10x better than the breadfruits.

Soon, one by one became curious and tempted enough to try the coconuts. And very soon, everyone followed suit, even the notorous leader.

The End.


The moral of the story is, not to be afraid of change. Change can be good. We wouldnt know unless we take that first step to TRY and FIND OUT whether change is indeed good, or otherwise. Without that first move, we would never know, and possibly never will.

The above bedtime story is for my lovely daughter who, hopefully, drops by regularly to read my latest postings, ramblings and…in this case, story.



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