NaturalNews: Are you currently living under media-hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the process of reshaping the mind’s interpretation of sensory data. Through hypnosis, a person could be holding a red toy fire truck in their hands but told the fire truck is actually green. When asked what color the fire truck is, they will answer, “Green!”

The success of hypnosis relies on the suggestibility hard-wired into a person’s brain. Some people are far more suggestible than others. Those of us who are leaders in “alternative news” tend to be the least suggestible of all, while those who produce and consume mainstream media news are the most suggestible (and therefore gullible).

Successful hypnosis on a national scale requires a masterful hypnotist. That’s Obama, one of the most brilliant hypnotists ever observed in the history of politics. Obama’s skill is so good that he can tell you he’s doing the exact opposite of what he’s actually doing, and most people listening will believe every word he says. Obama is creating jobs. Obama is protecting your rights. And the fire truck is green.

If you are immune to hypnosis, then you share my frustrating in living in a nation of hypnotized people. I want to shout to people, “The fire truck is RED!” but of course this makes no sense to them, as they’ve been hypnotized into thinking it’s green.

The hypnotized masses will viciously defend their false beliefs.

People who are hypnotized will persistently defend their hypnosis as if it were real. “It’s not RED!” they will shout, “The fire truck is GREEN, see?” And they’ll show it to you. It’s red, of course, but they think they’re showing you a green fire truck and they can’t understand why you don’t see it, too.

Hypnotizing the nation is easier than you think

Now understand this: If people can be hypnotized into doing all the things you see in the above videos (click the link below), imagine how easy it is to hypnotize them into believing things like Obama is their savior, or guns are bad, or the economy is good, or even that government is your “daddy.”

In truth, every Obama speech is a hypnosis ritual, and every broadcast on CNN is a hypnotic induction.

From a linguistic perspective, Obama’s speeches are deeply engineered with things called “language patterns” that take advantage of cognitive shortcuts to literally embed ideas into your head while bypassing your critical thinking skills. I could explain to you how this works and give you examples, but you probably wouldn’t believe they’re so simple because you don’t believe you are “suggestible” to linguistic influence. Dissect any Obama speech and you’ll discover a plethora of hypnotic speech patterns, language patterns, reframes, logic binds, social agreement and other techniques used by hypnotists.

If you really think about it, the real info war taking place today is a “war of hypnosis.” The government, the media and the corporations want to hypnotize everybody into believing falsehoods are true: Vaccines prevent disease, vitamins are dangerous, America is a free country, the police state keeps you safe, and so on. The Bush administration pulled off a real whopper of nationwide stage hypnosis by getting everyone to believe in a complete falsehood: the so-called “war on terror.” It was a complete fabrication. People who believed the USA was under assault by terrorists could also be hypnotized into believing little green fairies lived under their mattresses.

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DM: My favourite quote, “Those who are leaders (perhaps readers as well) in the alternative media are the least suggestible of all, whereas those who produce and consume the mainstream media are the most gullible.”


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