When money fails, BN had to resort to employing thugs.

Barisan Nasional is getting desperate by the day. So desperate that it is willing to do anything, even endorse unethical means, just to remain in power. Even to the extent of creating chaos, employing provocation and thuggery.

Thuggery has never been openly adopted as a political tool under the nation’s first five prime ministers. It came about only during Najib’s Administration. All the while, BN’s authoritarian rule assumes that the Malaysians, as one high-ranking UMNO Council Member puts it, “are politically immatured.” Consequently according to him, the Malaysian public needs to be told how to think and what to think. Hence, it is pertinent that the government places a tight grip on mainstream media.

Unfortunately for BN, the public decided, enough is enough. During the 2008 general election, The BN government lost its two-third majority. Finally, it finally dawned upon these BN leaders that the Malaysian public are not quite as immature as they had previously thought. They finally realized that they can actually be voted out of office, once and for all.

Thanks to the availability of alternate media (online news), the public’s are now exposed to uncensored news, which laid opened “many hidden skeletons”.

When cash-splashing projects such as BR1M, KAR1SMA, and many other 1M byproducts failed to sway votes in the government’s favor, the alternative resort is the use FEAR and intimidation.

Hence, the public were confronted with violence or potential violence, everytime they showed support to the opposition. Character assassinations were also amply used against anyone—political oppositions or NGO leaders—who dare to speak against the BN government.

Ambiga was denied entry into Merlimau, a small town within the state of Melaka. Similarly, PAS supreme leaders who were invited to speak within its party compound in Jasin, were met with an impromptu UMNO gathering, hardly a stone-throw away. Speaker phones were put on a full blast mode by the UMNO provocateurs, simply to deny the opposition leaders from being heard.

Opposition buses on nationwide-tours were splashed with red paints and denied entry to many rural locations. In most cases, the BN-thugs were condoned by the police, who instead of apprehending the culprits, chose to stood by and watch. The force only sprang into action, if and when, the opposition retaliated. These one-sided incidents—a number of which turned bloody—eventually caused public-hatred and distrust toward the police forces.

Unfortunately, there appear to be no end to BN-condoned violence. Of late, a group of college students were openly attacked for distributing fliers, purportedly exposing a number of the ruling government’s mischief. So confident were the thugs, that they did not even try to hide their true identity nor their association with the ruling party, UMNO. (Read the MalaysiaKini report below).

Since the Election Commission, the government/public agencies, the police force, the media and even the government-appointed ulamas (religious leaders) can be easily bought and controlled by the ruling government, what are the public’s chances of obtaining true justice? Let alone, a fair election.

how do we, the public, devoid ourselves from selective prosecution? To maintain our right to choose a government, one TRULY chosen by the people, for the people?


by Abdul Rahim Sabri

Two female student activists have accused Umno members of pulling their tudung (headscarf) while the former were distributing anti-BN pamphlets in Pekan this afternoon.

Norfatehah Ahmad, 23, told Malaysiakini that two men, who identified themselves as Umno members, surrounded her and a female friend and confiscated their pamphlets.

The incident took place at the Mydin supermarket at 3pm. She said the two men also tried to drag them to the Umno building which is located several hundred metres away, by pulling her hand and tudung.

“We resisted them. After that they pulled my hand again and threatened to do something to me if I didn’t follow them,” the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) student said.

“They even showed their fists to us and warned us not to be in Pekan (constituency). I was so afraid that I cried.”

After calling their friends for help, the two were escorted away by two locals and rejoined their colleagues 30 minutes later.

Pekan parliamentary constituency is represented by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

In a related incident, about 30 Umno supporters seized and burned pamphlets on ‘Students letter to Pekan residents’ which a group of 20 students were distributing this afternoon in the royal town of Pahang.

When contacted, Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM) secretary Ahmad Shukri Kamaruddin said one of the Umno supporters wanted them to leave Pekan the same day.

He told Malaysiakini that the man told them: “It is our prime minister’s area. We are protecting this area. You get out from Pekan now.” They also hurled abusive words at the students, added Ahmad Shukri.

At around 5pm, the students retreated to a PAS operations centre outside the town, but the group of Umno supporters, said to number 50 people, followed them there and surrounded the centre until 8.30pm (at press time).

In a text message, Ahmad Syukri told Malaysiakini that the Umno supporters came in about 10 cars and on several motorcycles.

After villagers came to help the student group at the centre, he added, the Umno group left the vicinity but remained some metres away.

“We managed to get a bus to ferry out the students from Pekan tonight,” Ahmad Syukri said, adding that they have to leave for Kuala Lumpur for “security reasons”.

The student group planned to be in Pekan to distribute the pamphlets for a week until Sunday.

On Tuesday, Ekhsan Bukharee Badarul Hisham (left), 21, was punched and slapped at Kampung Datuk Keramat, Ganchong, while delivering the students’ pamphlets.

The following day, two male students and two female students had complained that five youths on motorcycles surrounded them, with one pointing a machete at them.

The pamphlets contain the message that the Pekan constituents should “relieve BN after 55 years of rule”.

Additional reporting by Abdul Rahim Sabri


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