A life is only worth…USD800 in Malaysia.

How much does a life costs? How safe is the Malaysian public transportation system? Do you know that in Malaysia, a cow is worth more than a woman. Whereas a Malaysian teenager is only worth TWO cows, should she engaged in a grueling fatal accident, while riding a public bus in Malaysia.


On October 2010, ten people were reported DEAD riding a Delima Bus Express from Melaka enroute the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The fatal accident caused partly from a poorly maintained bus, and partly by a tired bus driver ended up killing ten of its passengers. According to the report, several of the victims’ bodies were crushed, at least one with severed hand and yet another, with a crushed head.

Fast foward to 2012, two years after the accident, a Melaka’s Barisan Nasional government-appointed lawyer proudly proclaimed that he had successfully obtained insurance claims on behalf of the victims. How much?

Get this, a deceased teenager victim (due to the fact that she was still schooling at the time, and hence was not making a living) was granted RM3000 (roughly USD800) for her life! Eight hundred bucks?

Comparatively, when a driver kills a cow crossing the road—accidently or otherwise—the owner of the cow can claim for the lost of the cow’s life (RM1500), and calves the cow may bear sometime in the future for at least another RM750-1500!

Yup, a cow is worth more than the life of a Malay. Only in Malaysia.


Ouh btw, due to the meagre fines imposed (mostly covered by the insurance company), the irresponsible-bus company still operates the Melaka-Kuala Lumpur route. So does the Melaka law firm.


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