Even Harvard University knows how to use Allah’s name.

The Harvard Law Faculty posted a verse in the Quran, An-Nisa:135 at the entrance of its faculty, as reported by a local newspaper. The verse described Allah SWT’s call for justice. One must uphold justice, even if it means going against yourself, your parents or those who are close to you. Justice must be equally served both to the rich and to the poor.


To peace-loving Muslims all over the world, there is no crime in using Allah’s name in this Christian-dominated university. As long as Allah’s name is being used in its rightful place: as a verse in the Quran. And the word ‘Allah’ is used in its rightful place: as a proper noun.

Now, imagine for a moment…should the word ‘Allah’ be used in a bible, as prescribed by the Malaysian Church. And verses from that bible were to be quoted and hung in public places. Neither Muslims nor Christians would know whether the verses come from the bible or the Quran. The jumble-up would cause so much confusion to the younger, time-constraint generation, that could eventually cause them to leave religion altogether.

Christians: DO NOT CROSS THAT LINE. The explanation is so glaringly simple that only idiotic, stubborn, egoistic and defiant persons would not understand. Or purposely refuse to understand.



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