Who is behind Deepak?

Deepak Jaikishin is a famous man for infamous reasons. His name came out in the news (alternative media only) on daily basis, out of obscurity. Suddenly, Malaysians couldnt get enough of him. We wait in anticipation for his next revelation.

Last week, while I was minding my own business (ehem, writing as usual), a friend dropped by. The friend, a fellow academician cum political analyst, queried, “Ever since Deepak made his revelations, Prime Minister Najib seems to dissappear from public scene. On normal circumstances, news of his activities and whereabouts are frequently reported in local newspapers. Now, nothing. Do you know why?”

I didn’t get a chance to answer him, since he shot yet another question. Well, a question-and-statement sort of thing.

“Who is behind Deepak? How can he be so bold and yet escaped being shot down or blown up to pieces with a C4 like Atantuya? He must have the backing of politician guardians, perhaps as high up as Muyhiddin (TPM) or Tun Mahathir (former Prime Minister) himself!”

I looked at him, at awe. My jaw dropped. I waited for a couple of seconds, in anticipation of yet another round of question-statement kindda thing, but nothing. Reluctantly I answered:

“Does it really matter who is behind Deepak? He may be a disgruntled businessman who does not take kindly to losing his investment, for all I care. He may even be ‘teasing’ the husband-wife team by releasing bits and pieces of information at a time, so that they would run scared and offer him more money. Obviously RM30 million is not enough. As he said, he is only offered the cost of his investment. Instead, he wants to make money. Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, personally I don’t care.

But what I do care is that we—the Malaysian people—has been conveniently lied to, and the exchange of public money (corruption) is happening right in front of our eyes. Yet, most Malaysians are afraid to get out of our comfort zone. We are being brainwashed and brandwashed (thanks to mainstream media) to thinking that change is bad. Change will cause undue hardship to all. Change will cause economic downfall. That is not true, is it?

What do we know from the revelations so far?

1. SUARAM, the private human rights organization, exposed documents proving that the incumbent Prime Minister (Najib) requested 1 billion to buy second-hand Scorpene submarines, at 6.5 billion each. If that doesn’t constitute bribery, i do not k ow what is.

2. Prime Minister Najib sworn in the name of Allah (Muslims’ God) and on Holy Quran that he does not know Atantuya. Yet, from Bala’s SD and now collaborated by Deepak’s own admission, such is not the case. Najib knew Atantuya.

Little wonder why Razak Baginda’s wife easily accepted his adultery. Most wives would have screamed and slap him with a divorce!

3. Through Deepak’s public admission (via a press conference), we also know that he was ‘given’ RM 30 million for his company. A total of RM 130+30 million of LTAT (army’s retirement fund) have been utilized to buy back the same land that it tried to sell/co-developed with a senior Wanita UMNO committee member. Why use public fund? Why punish the arm forces’ sovereign funds for a deal turned sour? Why must Deepak be silenced? Thus, satisfied? If this is not a blatant use of sovereign public fund, I don’t know what is.

Worst still, this looks like a daylight robbery, in which both the Najib administration and BN party appear to endorse. Since they are overly confident to manipulate public funds openly, then there must be many more secret dealings which we, the public, have not been a privy of.

4. The Editor of a mainstream media admitted in court that his newspaper had to ‘swing the truth’ for the interest of the nation and for the benefits of its readers. Urm, do I need to say more?

Henceforth, does it really matter who is behind Deepak? I think not. We, the nation, have a bigger problem at hand.

Personally, I am having difficulty to explain these events to my own children. ‘No, its not alright to commit adultery, since a party leader can do it too? No, its not alright to lie openly in God’s name, since the Prime Minister does it too? Yikes!'”



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